News: Whats The Salary

Whats The Salary

Many people wonder how much money producers make.  What is the salary? Well, it is not accurate. Not all producers make the same most make more than others. The websites don't always give the right information.

 This are some of the number they give

 Salary is $ 19,798-$84,810

Bonus is $48.94-$20,608

Profit Sharing $20,035-$102,836,_Music_Recording/Salary

The other website said that music producer make about

$20,000 and with more experience they can make more that 1.000.000

Music Director In Los Angeles Salary

Average Salary : $19500

Maximum Salary Offered : $53300

As we see not all the salary are accurate so. I think that the amount of money that a producer make has to do with how long they been working and how good they are 

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